Your partner through The Kingdom and GCC

META 2c helps French companies and startups to find the best partners in Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area.

KSA & Egypt
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30+ years of experience in 3 fields :

Industry 4.0

New Technologies


Building connections and synergies

We will match your offer, your product with the right partner and the best distribution method. 

Much more than advice, it is a complete accompaniment, with you, on the ground, through a new world for your company.

Promoting the French excellence

French « savoir-faire » is recognized around the world, especially in KSA and GCC. 

France and GCC business traditions are different on some points. It’s better to know them to stay focus on the product and the solution. We take care of the details.


3 steps, 2 partners, 1 field proof method

How it works ? Well for sure. You give us your promotion material, and we adapt it to the Saudi interlocutors. 

We advise on the best approach to have the right people around the table. 

  1. We (re)design and share your solution

  2. We contact and choose the partners

  3. We all meet, and you decide

Our fields of expertise

We don’t do everything, but in this, we rock :

  • Analysis (market, challengers, risks)
  • Planification (how and why)
  • Business Plan Execution (with whom and when)
  • Project Management (From the people to the smallest details)

When will you have results ?

Instead of prospecting with a senior commercial for 3 years (who will cost 90 k€ by year with planes, hostels and needs), you can use our shortcut access and the market before your challengers.

We won’t say when you will have results, but we do not know a quicker way than ours !

contact us to start the adventure together !